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Provident CRM and a Year of New Growth and Experiences

Provident CRM year of new growth and experiences

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that change can happen rapidly when you least expect it. The last year has been a challenge with everyone, individually and collectively, being affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.

With hope that the most difficult times are behind us, we can assert that at Provident CRM, we managed to face the adversity head-on. We’re proud to say that in recent months we have managed to grow our team, welcome new clients, and even find a new location to call home.

Due to the nature of our business model and the industry in which we operate, technology truly allowed us to build bridges by which to blend the digital and physical worlds. We found that we had the opportunity to not merely survive COVID-19, but thrive in its wake. Our leaders knew that growth was possible – and they decided to reach for it.

Advancing our Certifications

One of the biggest accomplishments for us this year was achieving Platinum Partner status from HubSpot. HubSpot, a leading growth platform, runs a partner programme with agencies across the globe, and when they attract customers and deliver successful results, their partner status is upgraded. Our Platinum tier status with HubSpot is a result of our overall success in offering, servicing, and achieving results for clients and our agency.

Our advancement over the past year and ability to attract clients from across Ireland and the United Kingdom have acted as the catalyst for this advanced certification. We’re so thankful to our fantastic clients who helped make this achievement possible!

Additionally, we are at Elite Partner status with SugarCRM in Europe, the highest tier in the SugarCRM Reseller Program. This is awarded to the most successful partners around the world, and we are thrilled to have qualified for this highly specialised status.

New Partners

Provident CRM has also seen brilliant growth by becoming a certified partner of Monday is one of the fastest-growing software as a service companies, and it was designed by some of the best in the business to fit thousands of processes – from marketing, HR, IT and operations, to sales, design, and customer success.

Monday has allowed for several of our clients (and us!) to manage their remote teams more effectively, and working so closely with such an innovative company has been extremely beneficial.

Provident CRM monday citizens bank case study
Project management tool

Managing Our Growth and Remote Team

The shift from office to home-based working has changed dramatically this year. Most people likely can attest to the fact that maintaining the efficiency of all internal and external processes while working 100% remotely isn’t straightforward. Even on the days when operations are running smoothly, remote work isn’t without its challenges, whether those be the concern for staff members’ mental health or the logistics of certain processes that are simply easier in person, such as new hire onboarding and training.

At Provident, we’ve tried our hardest to stay ahead of the game with each curveball that 2020 threw at us. We use services such as and Slack that aid in the connection of our team and ensure that communication isn’t lacking, even when face-to-face time is. We’re ensuring that our new hires receive as much support as possible, and we’re encouraging casual meetings and conversations in an attempt to hopefully lessen any isolation that our team members – new or old – may be experiencing.

As far as client satisfaction,we’ve worked steadfastly to ensure that our services could be relied on consistently despite all challenges.

“We have been fully supported throughout the last seven months. The communication has been clear and expectations overall have been met.”

XenithIntelligent Workplace Services

A Place to Call Home

Despite the current working from home restrictions, a business always needs somewhere to call home. In fact, Provident CRM has moved to a new office, located at Dogpatch Labs on Custom House Quay.

Dogpatch Labs is an Enterprise hub, located in the historic CHQ Building in the heart of Dublin’s Digital Docklands. Their mission is to accelerate the development of Ireland’s startup ecosystem by providing a valuable community – a community we’re excited to be a part of.

Provident CRM Dogpatch Labs
Dogpatch Labs at Custom House Quay, Dublin

What Lies Ahead

At the end of 2020, we had 38 incredible people working at Provident CRM, and now we’re already a team of over 50. And trust us, we’re just getting started, as we hope to grow our team further this year.

Immeasurable time and effort have been put into our success over the last twelve months (and the last twenty years for that matter!) and we wish we could list every employee and client thus far who’ve contributed.

We couldn’t be prouder of where we are, and we couldn’t be more excited about where we’re going!

If you’d like to learn more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Someone from our team would be happy to chat with you.


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