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Without your people on board, your CRM will never reach its full potential. They need to trust that your digital solutions are there to make their lives easier, and see proper results. That’s why we shape our training around their workflows, sticking points, goals, and learning styles, handing them the tools they need to get the most out of your technology. It’s a simple idea, that’s deceptively tricky to get right. We do — with powerful results.

You won’t zone out. Promise.

Demos that are all too easy to forget simply aren’t our style. Our training’s designed to chime with all learning styles, so you can get to grips with your new CRM, fast.

Training for every CRM stage

Whether you’re training everyone on your new CRM, bringing new hires up to speed, or adding the latest features to take your CRM up a gear, we’re ready.

Setting your key users up for success

We train your admin users 1-to-1, so they have the knowledge and control to make changes independently as your business grows.

Our training includes:

  • Live sessions delivered on-site or in our offices
  • Remote workshops using web conferencing
  • Step-by-step user-guided documents and video tutorials
  • Ad hoc help during the training phase
  • Managed service agreement if desired

Smart training, confident users

When it makes their work life better — every day — your CRM will be delivering as it should. We make it our mission to get you there. Our trainers take pride in keeping on top of our CRM solutions’ latest features and functionalities, so they can let you in on all the latest tips and tricks.

Training in action

When HubSpot has got so complex that it’s costing you time — not saving it — you’re ready for a rethink. We helped a major e-commerce customer support platform turn things around, with hands-on training to get their team up to speed.

As the client’s customer data volume had increased, their records, workflows and automations had confusingly piled up. We cut workflows by 75% (redesigning the rest), clarified customer records, and implemented HubSpot’s custom cards for quick customer views.

Next, the training we ran got the client team ready to use, maintain and evolve their revamped HubSpot confidently and independently — knowing our team’s on hand if needed.

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