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About Provident CRM

It’s great to meet you. This is the home of CRM – a team with twenty years of experience in driving customer success.

Who we are

Provident CRM was founded over 20 years ago, with the principle of helping our clients adopt new digital solutions that would enable them to better interact with customers and potential customers. As the home of CRM, we continue to support and implement the latest technologies and most effective business processes in companies around the world.

What do we do?

We are an independent consultancy, and we work closely together with our clients to customise cross-functional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Marketing Automation (MA) integrations, and Business Process Management (BPM) to their specific needs. We are passionate about customer success, which drives our team of experts to deliver comprehensive training and continuous account management to maximise results and improve customer satisfaction. We focus on getting to know you and your business, your ambitions, and your structure in order to inform a solution that’s custom-built with your success in mind – distinctly for your company’s needs.

We are passionate about customer success

We’re proud to say that we have helped hundreds of organisations all over Ireland, the UK, and Europe integrate CRM systems and other digital solutions. We have assisted in change management and user adoption, while also supporting leading public and private sector organisations.

In addition to our focus on your success, our ability to bolster strong relationships with our partners puts us in a unique position really collaborate with give our customers as much value as possible.

Meet the executive team

John Malone

CEO & Founder

Christina Clancy


Gary Cullen

CRO & Founder

James Forde

CTO & Founder

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