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Create customers for life

Partners for almost a decade, we’re proud to be SugarCRM’s #1 European Reseller and Implementation Partner. You’ll join over 2 million people worldwide who trust SugarCRM to help them build loyalty, by going above and beyond customers’ expectations.

An intelligent customer experience platform

Sugar is the only CX solution that combines data unification, data augmentation, and AI-based analysis on an integrated customer data platform, which helps to uncover and share actionable insights across every stage of the customer journey.

Through AI and machine learning, Sugar analyses prospects, customer preferences, and behaviours to give you valuable insights about individuals and companies before you interact, instantly delivering hundreds of data points around each prospect.

Now you can easily customise and complement your SugarCRM solution with various add-ons and third-party apps on SugarOutfitters.

Each of Sugar’s solutions provide specific functionalities in order to best suit your needs. They are:

  • Sugar Market
  • Sugar Sell
  • Sugar Serve

Digital solutions that work for you

Working with Sugar for nearly a decade, Provident CRM is Sugar’s #1 European Reseller and Implementation Partner.

We’re also adept at developing add-on packages and plugins that enhance SugarCRM’s existing functionalities. This provides extra features that can be totally customised to your specific business requirements.

Sugar Market

Developed in collaboration with the team behind the award-winning Salesfusion marketing software, Sugar Market is an all-in-one marketing automation solution. Designed to work around your unique needs and business processes, Sugar Market includes intuitive campaign building, sophisticated automation, and advanced reporting tools. Build to put you one step ahead, Sugar Market helps to deliver high-level engagement, improved conversion, and greater revenue.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builders
  • Lead nurturing and sophisticated scoring
  • Advanced analytics and BI-grade reporting dashboards



  • Drive the right traffic to your website with SEM, SEO, and advanced social media tools
  • Capture leads with professional-quality emails, landing pages, and forms
  • Drive alignment and send only the most qualified leads to sales with lead nurturing and scoring
  • Become a data-informed marketer with BI-grade reporting

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell is designed to help you create and maintain excellent customer relationships through the world’s most intuitive and collaborative customer experience (CX) platform. Users have easy access to the resources they need and can be confident that all information is up-to-the-minute accurate, with automated data acquisition that continuously reviews and updates records. Sugar Sell allows you to track and report on every activity, follow each customer’s journey, and automate any workflow.


  • Actionable intelligence you can actually use
  • No-touch data management
  • #1 rated user experience


  • Get the exact intel you need for each customer interaction
  • Spend less time entering and retrieving data
  • Automate your most important and repeated activities
Sugar Sell Editions

Sugar Serve

The purpose of Sugar Serve is to provide total visibility over your businesses by logging every customer interaction and touchpoint, ultimately giving you the best and most advanced customer analytics. You can leverage comprehensive reporting and dashboards that inform your business decisions and vitalise customer satisfaction. Track and augment every process to improve response and resolution turnaround to delight your customers and meet their needs across the full range of support channels.


  • Self-service portal and knowledge base
  • Agent workbench
  • Real-time reports and dashboards



  • Always be armed with the right intel
  • Help your customers help themselves
  • Identify potential problems early and often

We can show you how SugarCRM can transform your business for the better by turning tedious, manual processes into sleek, streamlined operations. Sugar’s features are expertly optimised to deliver the highest level of customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey, ultimately resulting in more satisfied customers and long-lasting relationships.

Sugar Outfitters Marketplace

SugarOutfitters is a curated marketplace of high-quality third-party apps, add-ons and integrations. More than 200 add-ons support a wide range of capabilities, including computer telephony integration, chat and SMS functionality, multi-factor authentication, sales territory management, and more. Sugar customers have the ability to add products from SugarOutfitters to equip their CRM with the exact functionality they need to accelerate finding and growing their own customers.

Features and improvements:

  • High-quality add-ons
  • Extensive certification program
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • More integrations with other killer products
  • New industry templates
  • New listing services for CRM consulting and development services
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