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Time-saving integrations

Tired of manual inputs? Get your valuable time back with tailored integrations. They free up your team members to work in the platforms that best suit them and their role, with all their inputs appearing ready-made across your other systems. Make manual errors, time-consuming busy work, and unreliable data things of the past.

Faulty integrations need fixing?

Integrations exist to make life simpler. If yours are causing confusion instead, we’re here to help.

New CRM, and need to integrate your Excels or ERP system?

You name the system, we’ll get it integrated. Getting your business data where it needs to be, on time and error-free.

Upgrading your business software? We’ll plan your data migration.

Upgrading from legacy systems, or just to a newer version of your digital solution, involves transforming your data. We’ll help you do it right.

Share data between these and more:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Issue tracking and product development applications
  • Accounting and finance tools
  • Bespoke systems
  • eCommerce systems
  • Social media platforms
  • Messaging services and collaboration tools

Seamless systems integrations

See the connections. See the reports. See the benefits.

Unload your heads with synced systems you can trust, and ensure your teams are working with the same data. We’ll build your integrations to adapt as your business grows, ready for whatever’s next.

Integration in action

32 Irish local authorities. 1 common system to verify planning permission applications — but 30+ different document management systems to integrate with it. Challenge accepted.

Using the data integration platform Talend, we synced all the local authorities’ document management systems with both the central application verification system and SugarCRM. Applicant uploads are housed in Sugar, flow to the right backend systems for processing, and are pushed back to the CRM to manage emails with applicants.

We deployed this custom solution across the 32 local authorities, now seamlessly running in the background with security and data protection front of mind.

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