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Struggling with Salesforce? We Can Help You Fix It




Salesforce CRM is a mighty digital solution, with vast and varied potential to boost your business. But if you’re not tailoring Salesforce to suit your particular business needs — or putting in the hours to research which of its tools and features will serve your business best — you won’t be getting your money’s worth. No two ways about it. 

Working with a certified partner helps Salesforce make sense. Both for your employees who are using it daily and for your business as an investment. We’ve a multitude of certifications between our team at Provident CRM, including CPQ Highlight, Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant. Each certification puts our team in a position to solve your Salesforce sticking points with specialist knowledge, from sales to customer support. 

But we aim to anticipate an issue before you even have it; we see upskilling as a proactive must for our Salesforce team, not a reactive catch-up. Even if a certification isn’t related to one of our current customers’ needs, we go for it to make sure we’ve got it under our belts for the future. Our experts gather the knowledge and hands-on experience because they love to see Salesforce excel. If we can shape it to excel for you, that’s even better. Check out a few of the certifications that our team currently hold below.


Certified knowledge powers your Salesforce setup to its max

Using our deep Salesforce knowledge to benefit your business means getting to know your business in detail, too. Understanding exactly why you need a certain feature or report, and how that aligns with your wider business processes and aims, allows us to select the right Salesforce elements to build it with. This ensures you get the results you want efficiently, reaping the return on your efforts as soon as possible. It also means we’re able to connect the dots between your business needs and Salesforce’s capabilities, suggesting uses and improvements you might not have known were possible (and that, often, you’ve already paid for with your existing licence). 

As you’ll see from the use cases we’ve shared below, smooth transitions from your existing systems to Salesforce are a key feature when working with certified partners. We know the pitfalls; we know the safest, most efficient ways of working. We also know all the ins and outs of integrating your business-critical applications with Salesforce, so the show stays seamlessly on the road. 

Certification also means our experts know just how to onboard your employees so that they’ll use your new Salesforce setup. Because implementing a platform is one thing, getting people to take to it is quite another. We guide you through both, with training for your teams and roles so everyone can get up and running with Salesforce as soon as possible. With this comes the rapid ROI and minimal downtime that will surely be top of your priorities. 

Looking further ahead, we can stay on hand for support and troubleshooting, as well as updating and enhancing your Salesforce setup as new features and functionalities launch. We always build for scalability, with your long-term business goals in mind, making sure that your Salesforce investment delivers for you as it should. 


Customer success stories: What our certified Salesforce team can do for you

[1] From over-complex to ideal: Simplifying existing processes in Salesforce for a residential property firm

This construction and development firm came to us with a dilemma: they wanted to keep using Salesforce, but their existing setup was overcomplicated to the point of making their employees’ lives harder, not easier. Their Salesforce licence had been implemented elsewhere — we came in to fix the confusing mess. Redesigning their CRM and community management, we made their processes simpler, user-friendly and properly aligned with their business. 

  • Simplified processes for increased engagement
    It was essential to make Salesforce easy to use for both the firm’s internal employees and its external partners. Internally, we boosted engagement by simplifying the process for converting leads into opportunities. For their external users (real estate agents and other partners), we pared the company’s community platform right down. This made it far easier for their partners to process leads and close deals, with no unnecessary steps or fields.
  • Automated workflows to engage with customers across the buying process
    The workflow we created would send emails at each stage of the buying process, mirroring the customer’s journey to offer them the right information, at just the right time. With the emails automatically triggered, the company’s team gained back significant time and headspace they had previously dedicated to sending and tracking email follow-ups.
  • New surveys with response auto-processing
    With no survey systems in place, we built surveys from the ground up, as well as background workflows to process the incoming answers automatically — all tailored to the customer’s needs. This enabled them to create reports and dashboards for both rapid and detailed views of their end customers’ responses: feedback regarding the house they’d purchased; feedback on the buying process and experience; the end customers’ engagement with the company’s partners. Built from scratch, this new survey flow allows the firm to gather key insights into improving their processes, partnerships and relationships with end customers.
  • Sage integration with seamless handoffs
    This brought data from their sales system into Salesforce, tracking key transaction phases for each of the company’s developments. The firm and its partners could log when properties were ready to “snag” (aka check pre-sale for whether doors, windows, fittings, water, heating, etc. are functional) and ready for new owners or tenants to occupy.
  • New post-sale process for swift support
    We built this to enable swift follow-up if any customers encountered issues after moving in. Customers can now raise a case either by sending the company’s support team an email or via their website. This auto-creates a case in Salesforce for their support team to work on, as well as auto-assigning it to a member of their support team. In turn, the support team can easily assign the resulting tasks to maintenance partners, for rapid response.
  • Lead-capture integrations and quick follow-up
    We integrated Pardot into the customer’s website, as well as third-party integrations with MyHome and Daft, so they can track and respond to website visitors who register interest in their properties. These browsers then receive an auto-response, and a corresponding lead is created in Salesforce. The company then has the option to assign this lead to one of their external partners, who’ll follow up on the lead conversion. These integrations also enable the company to track and report on types and levels of interest across its range of developments.


[2] Organising quotations and boosting business development for a hotel supplier company group

This customer also came to us once another provider had built their Salesforce platform; now, they needed certified experts to truly tailor it to their business priorities. The success of our first Salesforce project for them led to us working with their sister companies as well. One of these was a brand-new Salesforce customer, meaning we were able to build their Salesforce instance ground-up for rapid ROI. 

  • Capturing product images for quotes
    The company’s existing quote templates didn’t include product images, which was a problem for their end customers. We configured their system to allow adding images to quotes, as well as creating quote templates for easy sending and uniform professionalism.
  • Automatic quote calculations
    We added fields to auto-calculate quote totals and tax, taking an error-prone manual task off their reps’ plates. With this automation running in the background, all reps have to do is click once to create a quote, and the template auto-fills with the right figures.
  • Time-saving SAP integration
    Having implemented similar integrations for two of the sister companies, we’re working on SAP integration for the third. This brings across prices, products, stock levels, customer orders, accounts, opportunities and price books into their Salesforce setup, error-free and without data entry taking up hours of their employees’ time.
  • Easy-to-interpret account overviews, accessible to the right people
    Generating and sending quotes from Salesforce directly to their customers, the company can now easily keep track of accounts, opportunities, quotes, products and price books. They can assign reps per account, ensuring clear responsibility for tracking contact frequency and future opportunities. Stringent permissions ensure sales reps can only view their own accounts, which was important both for the company’s culture and data protection.
  • Ensuring accuracy across complex tiered pricing
    We built tailored price books into their quotation process, ensuring per-customer pricing agreements were automatically reflected.
  • Multiple reports at a glance
    We built a custom homepage dashboard for easy-access key insights, including month-on-month/year-on-year sales per account, top accounts and potential customers, to strategically guide reps’ time and effort. Recently, we added reporting on potential versus actual sales to track targets and performance. Check out an overview below of some sample Salesforce reports and charts that help you more easily visualise key business metrics.
  • Maps and emails for reps on the road
    Configuring maps in one sister company’s CRM system enabled reps to view all their (potential) accounts en route to a client, and plans a journey to touch base on the way. We also integrated Outlook, storing all email communications in Salesforce for easy trackability.




[3] Turning a market research company’s data deluge into actionable customer insights

Working across multiple sectors and global zones, this respected market insight curator urgently needed to streamline its Salesforce system. Information overwhelm was draining usability, with engagement plummeting across their teams. The solution? A Salesforce rebuild, taking forward only what they needed. 

  • Streamlining data capture for relevance and ease of use
    We built the customer’s new Salesforce instance ignoring all fields and data they weren’t using regularly. Detailed analysis showed us which were useful and which weren’t, combined with in-depth conversations with their teams on processes and end goals.
  • Department and role-specific experiences
    Each department using Salesforce needed a tailored view. Sales, marketing, finance, client services, investor relations and research all required customised layouts, prioritising their need-to-knows. Goodbye to generic layouts, overcrowding and endless scrolling; hello to insight-rich, usable and calm dashboards.
  • Minimising manual data entry
    We implemented workflows to eliminate data duplications and errors, which cleaned up the initial inputs and will cross-check new data on a rolling basis.
  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Data from the customer’s website and customer preference centre is housed in their Salesforce CRM, to support only sending end customers emails they need and want. Pushing this data through to Marketing Cloud creates detailed email lists, which sales/marketing can choose from for rapid, accurate targeting: based on opt-ins/outs, time since last engagement, and so on. With so many different interest groups and audiences, this used to be highly complicated and error-prone for the company.
  • New email templates and web-hosted forms
    Now, when the customer’s website forms (subscribe, schedule a meeting) capture data, it’s auto-populated in their Salesforce CRM and pushed through to Marketing Cloud. If it’s new contact data, this also creates a lead.
  • Third-party integrations
    We integrated DocuSign, Adobe and Zoom Phone, so their team can call end customers and send/sign agreements all within Salesforce, automatically logging contact records and agreements.
  • Custom reports, tailored visibility
    The customer wanted to track campaigns and sales processes down to detailed stages, so we built these capabilities for them in their new Salesforce iteration. Reports and dashboards were another priority for them, with a detailed list for us to recreate as we extracted the useful elements of their old setup and transferred them to the new. Within this, we customised access to ensure the right internal roles could track key metrics.
  • Creating an approvals process for discounts
    This triggers an ‘approval needed’ email to their commercial team when sales reps offer additional discounts, enabling gatekeeping of special offers.


Salesforce makes sense when you work with a certified partner

To make the most of your current or planned investment in Salesforce, work with a certified partner. We’ll be able to solve your problems better and faster, with a view of your long-term business needs — no shortcut quick fixes that will cost you in the long run. 



To talk through your Salesforce headaches with one of our experts, book a free consultation.

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