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Forecasting success: Ace sales goals with HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM

Provident CRM Forecasting Sales Success with HubSpot Blog Post

Sales success starts with offering quality, connected customer experience. Key to this is handing your reps the tools, the headspace and the time they need to build personalised, trusting relationships with your clients. Simultaneously, creating business-wide consistency, proactive task management and enhancing team-wide alignment are top priorities.

The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system primes you to make these goals a reality. Here, we’re specifically exploring HubSpot’s sales CRM, featuring powerful automation, forecasting, customisation and single source of truth capabilities.

Introducing HubSpot CRM: What are the advantages?

Time-saving automation

On average, salespeople only spend about 30% of the day selling. So how does the remaining 70% evaporate? 

  • Writing emails
  • Data entry
  • Lead research 
  • Attending internal meetings
  • Arranging meetings

Automating these routine tasks allows your reps to spend more time doing what they do best. Saving their precious time, re-energising their focus on leads and customers, and enabling them to outperform their own track record. 

For sales leaders aiming to nurture their teams to perform at their potential, admin automation is a similarly key ally. Sales leaders spend just 22% of their time coaching their teams, as they’re caught up with data-crunching and chain-of-command reporting that could happen seamlessly. How? Through the centralised, accessible and auto-updated single source of truth that HubSpot CRM will enable your company to establish.

Customisable ease of use

76% of sales leaders believe their team only utilises a fraction of their CRM’s capabilities, with 50% admitting their CRM is difficult to use. That’s not just causing sales reps and managers alike frustration on a daily basis. It’s also inhibiting their personal performance at work, as well as the company’s overall profitability. 

Source: HubSpot


HubSpot is designed to avoid this ineffectiveness. Your CRM should include everything your reps need — and nothing more. Tailored to meet their current and future requirements, simple to adopt and genuinely empowering. That’s that.

Accurate forecasting

Using past performance data, you can shed light on likely future sales on an individual, team and company level. Whether your focus is weekly or annually, quality forecasting enables you to make informed decisions across all business processes.

Let’s explore two examples: 

1. Deal increase? Time to adapt. 

If your forecasting predicts an increase in deals closed, you’ll need to expand your teams to meet demand. Adaptable hiring, goal-setting, resource management and budgeting all stem from reliable forecasting. 

You’ll have the toolbox you need to set a clear process for your reps and track personal and team-wide performance. Loop in data from your marketing, product and finance teams to keep key information centralised, accessible and updated. With enhanced cross-team insights and communication, you can keep all reps informed, motivated and accountable as business booms. 

2. Falling behind on sales? Let’s investigate. 

Forecasting enables you to course-correct before missed targets become an unwelcome reality. Whether it’s adjusting to competitor moves or pinpointing which incentives motivate your sales reps best, forecasting is integral to sustaining your competitive advantage. 

With HubSpot, you can evolve from wading through spreadsheets to true strategic thinking. Its all-in-one CRM offering is key here, ensuring insights and accuracy aren’t sacrificed as you (or your reps) jump from tool to tool. 

Dynamic sales forecasts also enable you to shape responsive, adaptive predictions and planning. As a result, your internal goals can be simultaneously more stringent and more ambitious:

✓ Calls logged
✓ Meetings scheduled
✓ Deals closed
✓ Revenue driven

Data insights for improved personalised outreach

A genuine personal touch starts with your reps’ knowledge of their customers. This involves the human factors of diligence, motivation and care. Underpinning this is all-important data accuracy. With the single source of truth for customer data that HubSpot provides, your reps will have the foundation they need to shape consistent, value-adding customer experiences across teams.
This creates opportunities to rapidly and meaningfully connect with prospects, to generate and nurture more promising leads. From there, winning customers with relevant offers and recommendations is a natural next step.

Prioritising the right deals to meet (and exceed) conversion goals, your sales team will be set to enhance customer retention and lifetime value. With lead and client expectations soaring ever higher, providing your reps with the responsive tools and resources they need to excel has never been more relevant.

HubSpot for Sales Managers: Key features and assets


✓ Define and align your sales process
✓ Share sample call scripts and additional sales enablement material via the CRM your reps are already working in
✓ Rapidly onboard new hires
✓ Easily share tips and effective methods across reps

Sales Analytics

✓ Create a single, trusted data source to track sales performance
✓ No need to bring in a separate analyst
✓ Spot where deals are stagnating and strategise to avoid it
✓ Leverage data-backed guidance to help your reps exceed expectations

Custom Reporting

✓ The insights you need to answer key business questions, all in one tool
✓ Tailor reports across contact, company, deal and sales activity data 

Automatic Weighted Lead Rotation (via Workflows)

✓ Assign new CRM leads round-robin style
✓ Ensure fair, pragmatic distribution across reps
✓ Automate calendar entry and notifications for streamlined updates

Conversational Intelligence

✓ Record and analyse sales calls
✓ Track rep performance
✓ Identify areas for personal and team-wide growth
✓ Coach new hires
✓ Share your top performers’ tips and tricks: product positioning, competitive intelligence, objection handling, closing techniques 

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools

✓ Unify sales and marketing with intuitive tools
✓ Create smooth buying experiences for your most valued accounts 

Quote-Based Workflows

✓ Take manual proposal creation and order processing off reps’ plates
✓ Create automated quote, reminder and sign-off email flows
✓ Dedicate more time to quality customer service
✓ Increase sales

Go for end-to-end sales excellence with HubSpot

At Provident CRM, our team expertly guides organisations to implement tailored HubSpot solutions. We work to ensure our clients can empower their customer-facing teams to extract maximum value from their relationships with customers, via a software solution that will grow with their business. While starting from scratch with a CRM solution can seem overwhelming, we’re on hand to smooth your pathway to team-wide HubSpot adoption.

To find out more about what HubSpot can offer your business, contact us via the form below:

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