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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Business Data

Why you should ditch Excel and start getting the bigger picture

We all learned how to use Excel or Google Sheets at some point for basic data management or in hopes of becoming more organised. There’s no doubt that spreadsheets make it much easier for people to manage their data.

But there are PLENTY of drawbacks to relying totally on spreadsheets for your bookkeeping and procedural tracking.

Think about how much effort is expended each month maintaining spreadsheets and feeding your reporting cycle. You may have found that your spreadsheets started off straightforward, but with time they grew drastically and became difficult (if not impossible) to maintain and manage.

Our FREE guide will help you pinpoint what drawbacks you might be facing in your current processes, and what questions you should ask yourself and your team when considering a different solution.

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Katie Marketing Executive, Ireland
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