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The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing [Free eBook]

Provident CRM Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

Did you know that 99% of consumers check their email every day? It’s no wonder that companies often list email marketing as one of their most powerful marketing channels.

If you’ve ever attempted email marketing, you know it’s not as simple as drafting a message and hitting the “send” button. You need a compliant email list that abides by regulations, different messages within your emails organised by segments, attractive and enticing designs, and more.

It’s a lot!

Effective email marketing takes patience, strategy, testing, and more testing. As such, you may need a step-by-step reference that will take your through the process from beginning to end.

This eBook will do just that.

The free eBook includes:

  • Email marketing best practices
  • How to grow a healthy email list
  • How to save time using email automation
  • The different types of marketing emails (with examples!)
  • The most important email metrics to measure (with formulas)
  • An email A/B testing checklist
  • And more!

Download your FREE eBook now!

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