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Tango Telecom

Tango Telecom is a leading global provider of monetisation solutions for evolving mobile networks. Deployed at the core of some of the world’s most demanding networks including América Móvil, Airtel, Ooredoo, and Axiata Groups, Tango Telecom support over 180 live systems serving 1 billion subscribers in over 50 countries.


The Challenge

We have a sales force that is spread across the world which presents an obvious challenge to keep up-to-date with how sales opportunities are moving through the sales cycle. At HQ, we wanted to be able to monitor and report on progress more effectively.

There was an operational challenge to process the data we were receiving in a timely manner to see where the business was and what the forecast looked like. Without a centralised CRM system, we lacked those quick snapshots and reports which are key for decision-making.

The Results

We decided to go with SugarCRM as it had the functionality that we required and was at a reasonable price point for our business. Going from having no system in place and struggling to overcome this to now, where we have a central repository for all our sales information, has been revolutionary to the business.

We can log in at any time and provide overviews to management to where individual sales reps are in their cycles and where we are against targets. We can now provide insights into which regions are performing better, which are our best-selling products, and which products sell best in which areas.

By allowing us to compare and contrast our sales data, we now know where to allocate our resources. This enables us to keep the business moving forward and plan accordingly.





How has your experience been with Provident CRM?

It was important for us to support and work with a local business, so having an Irish partner was important to us, especially in the early days when we needed more hand-holding. Having a partner who could support us was very important so that we could pick up the phone and speak to someone who understood our business needs and was able to translate that into functionality that we required was pivotal to the success of the system.

“Provident CRM have knowledge in a wide variety of sectors, and being able to leverage this knowledge to suggest alternative processes and solutions to us has meant we have been able to keep the costs low and the results high.”


As a software, Sugar works and fulfills our needs. We always judge a company on how they cope when things aren’t so good – how do they react, can they help me, and what is the support like? That’s more important to us than the software itself. The service that we have received from Provident CRM has been really good and the software has also continued to meet and exceed our business needs.

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