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Customer Story: Tailored HubSpot for Real Estate


How to use CRM for multi-audience real estate marketing

We dived into this when a property marketing and PR/communications consultancy brought us in to help level up its HubSpot capabilities. They needed to enable tailored, benefit-driven, compliant communications with HubSpot Marketing Hub, for a project with a major innovation district development. 

Established in 2011, the client works with property players across the UK to leverage data, marketing and communications to grow their brands and businesses. They knew that HubSpot was their preferred tooling, and were looking for an accredited partner to guide their upgrade to HubSpot Professional Marketing Hub, as well as implement and customise their platform. 

The client knew it needed to evolve past its HubSpot status quo to deliver the results it wanted for its latest project, and chose our team to help get them there.

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How Provident CRM guided a property marketing company through their upgrade to HubSpot Professional Marketing Hub


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The project: Devising audience-tailored marketing for mixed-use real estate

Our client’s team was managing the property marketing and communications for a mixed-use real estate development: a new, 64-acre global innovation district located in the UK. It’s designed to connect academia and commerce, invention and investment, providing a sustainable place to work, live, learn and socialise. A thriving and vibrant new district, with innovation and sustainability at its heart. 

The project is set to deliver new labs and workspaces, a modern innovation centre and new homes. Around 4,500 people will work there, alongside around 1,500 residents. They’ll enjoy a wide range of amenities, such as a hotel, a nursery, shops, bars and cafés, as well as three public parks. The new district will be a unique space for scientists, technologists and inventors, also welcoming visitors and the local community.

The challenge: How to ensure audience segmentation, compliant data capture and clear reporting?

Tailoring target audience segmentation

As a future mixed-use innovation district, the real estate development would cater to multiple audiences’ interests and needs:

– Science and technology businesses (from one-person companies to entrepreneurs, SMEs and global firms)
– Hoteliers
– Retailers
– People looking to buy new homes

As a result, our client needed to be able to segment these audiences based on interest and related building type (Offices, Labs, Homes, Retail and Consultation). This would provide the foundation for them to shape effective community and stakeholder engagement strategies. 

Website integration with HubSpot Marketing Hub

The real estate development’s website needed to be integrated with HubSpot forms and marketing automation systems to ensure accurate, responsible audience data-gathering. Making sure stakeholders were signing up to receive marketing material linked to their interests and that only relevant, benefit-driven news and messages would be sent. 

As an example, a company looking for laboratory space to expand its R&D business would receive vastly different communications compared to a retailer interested in opening a café or restaurant on the site. Similarly, potential new home buyers would be separated from audiences interested in office space. 

Ensuring GDPR-compliant data capture

Built-in compliance was vital, as well as streamlining our client’s workflows and setting them up with clear dashboard reporting. 

HubSpot’s accounts settings make it easy to enable data privacy-compliant features, which help visitors understand what they’re opting into. They also enable companies to capture subscribers’ consent to the processing of their personal information, as well as their consent to receive communication from a HubSpot account.

The solution: Finding a HubSpot-accredited consultancy

A clear and easy process, tailored to client needs

From their research into HubSpot-accredited consultancies, our client felt that Provident CRM stood out. We’re a HubSpot Platinum partner, which accredits our expertise in highly complex CRM implementations, software integrations and migrations.

After getting better acquainted with us via a webinar, they chose to work with us primarily due to our clear approach to their needs. They shared that they gained this impression right from our discovery calls, feeling there was ample focus on their specific goals. Likewise, they appreciated the clear communication of the Provident CRM team’s capabilities and approach, as well as who would work on their account. 

We were delighted to hear that the client team found our onboarding and implementation process clear and easy to navigate. In particular, they highlighted our team’s knack for making the complex easy, listening closely to client input to offer tailored solutions. 

“As we continue to deliver for this development, thanks to Provident CRM, we now have a clear and simplified data strategy which means that we can communicate with our customers and community in the most effective way and report to our partners in a timely fashion…” 


Making enhanced, efficient marketing management happen 

– We primed the client team to reach all its objectives for its real estate development project via a bespoke website integration by upgrading to HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional

– Significant time-save through tailored automation, particularly for automatic data input and segmentation

– Increased productivity and faster, easier reporting thanks to having data in one place and auto-segmented

– Simplified stakeholder communication measured by timely, relevant and benefit-driven communications across multiple real estate audiences

– Positive and timely project delivery – a zero-issue, bespoke experience with the Provident CRM team


“…Provident CRM has been professional and solution-driven, understanding what we were looking to achieve and delivering what we needed.”




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