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Shimmer Research is a leading provider of wearable wireless sensor products and solutions. Shimmer Sensing offer wearable wireless sensing technology, solutions, and consulting services to the Research and Education, Enterprise, and End User markets. Shipping to over 70 countries worldwide, Shimmer’s technology and solutions are utilised by the brightest. start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and the world’s leading universities.



The Challenge

We were trying to run the business based by updating spreadsheets with contacts, leads, addresses, and tracking opportunities through the sales funnel, quotes, etc. It was such a manual process that was very time consuming and very hard to stay on top of. The main driver for why we were looking for a software solution was because we were losing track of everything, even potentially losing leads because we weren’t able to follow up.

The whole sales process was really elongated and at the time, we were growing our research side of the business as well as the enterprise side. Both had distinct sales processes, so we needed two tools to assist us with how to be smarter about managing this information.

The Results

SugarCRM has made our two distinct sales processes much quicker and easier. We can now close our transactional sales much quicker, which is particularly important for the research side of our business.

Everyone from marketing to sales and from accounts to management are all aware of what is happening in the business pipeline at any one time. SugarCRM has enabled us to track everything, all of which is reportable, so we can now have meaningful conversations around prospects and opportunities.





How has your experience been with Provident CRM?

Actively having an Account Manager that we can call upon when needed has really helped us get to grips with the software. Having someone specific who knows us and our business that we can speak to whenever we need to has really eased the adoption of the system and our usage of the functionality. 

We also use the support team for technical aspects too, which means we can use all aspects of the CRM and feel like we get good value for money for the software. We would absolutely recommend SugarCRM and Provident CRM to any other SME, which we have done in the past and will continue to do so.


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