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Onwave are a technology company who specialise in telecommunications to help their customers achieve better business performance. Covering a wide variety of sectors, Onwave are a one-stop-shop to help research, design, develop, and deliver the ideal technological solution.


The Challenge

We were running our business from Quickbooks and we had no way to manage who our customers were or what they wanted. We couldn’t record calls, meetings, or track our contacts. We had nothing that would manage that type of data or relationship for us before we had Sugar.

The Results

We’ve had SugarCRM for nine years and the changes that we have seen in that time have been quite big. When we first started with Sugar and Provident CRM, we were a B2C customer and then we changed to becoming a predominantly B2B organisation.

Sugar has been able to adapt to our changing business model and has grown with us. The biggest benefit to us for having Sugar is that we were able to make a lot of the changes we need ourselves which keeps the cost of ownership low. It’s a very user-friendly system and with a small amount of online research or talking to Provident CRM, we are able to make changes that are simple and make a big difference to our business.

Now that we’ve started using the Forecasting within Sugar, too, which is an added benefit.





How has your experience been with Provident CRM?

The fact that we are able to get bespoke solutions that specifically fit our needs and are built for us is a real plus. That’s what we like about Provident CRM, they are very knowledgeable with Sugar but are also able to fit that around their knowledge of what we do so that we get the best solution. That means that we can always rest assured that the solution we implement will be the best possible solution and future proofed to our growing requirements.

“We have had a very good experience with Provident CRM. They have always been very responsive and are patient with us as we implement the plans.”


I really like the support portal. I like being able to log in myself and see the case. I can see which cases are outstanding, which have had replies, what the status is, and I know that there is a log of this within Provident CRM of all the communication that has happened within that case.

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