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Customer Story: Lift Brands


Lift Brands is a wellness company, leading fitness industry innovator, and parent brand to traditional gym concepts Snap Fitness and Fitstop, digital content provider Fitness on Demand and boutique kickboxing concept 9Round.

With regional offices in the US, APAC and the UK, and over 2,000 clubs worldwide, the company designs and builds physical and mental wellness clubs and gym projects for rewarding, life-changing fitness experiences.



How leading fitness industry innovator optimised their business process management with one platform


Head office

Minneapolis, USA

Regional offices

US, APAC and the UK with 2,000 wellness clubs worldwide







The challenge: extract multiple franchise projects from spreadsheets into a unified management system

Bill Painter, Head of Development EMEA, supports franchisees throughout the project lifecycle, from finding the ideal club location and sourcing equipment to final delivery, installation and club opening. A team of performance coaches then provides ongoing expert assistance to help franchisees succeed.

The UK-based team managed their franchise building projects on Excel spreadsheets, from location search through to opening day. As project volume scaled, the team lost sight of critical points within each stage. Managing different teams and processes with concurrent tasks across multiple platforms became too complex.

The UK team needed a new way of managing data input and diary records to clarify the bigger picture of projects’ status. They also needed to translate that data into high-level reports for their American counterparts, adding to the challenge. They initially used to extract task lists from Excel, but this did not facilitate managing the complex moving parts involved in each project, nor generating the automated reports and system triggers needed to meet daily work requirements. Activities requiring documentation were not being properly tracked or stored, so Bill decided to adopt a system to help his teams organise their internal processes.

The solution: tailor a company-wide platform to enable different teams to log, track and manage processes

After a recommendation to work with a partner, Bill reached out to Provident CRM. Our team understood what Lift Brands needed to achieve, tailoring’s functionalities to enable their different departments to log activities in one system. Utilising our technical system knowledge, we recommended applications that would simplify the Lift Brand team’s processes. This enabled employees company-wide to use to run and track tasks via a user-friendly interface. We ensured the UK team gained control of all process flow elements affecting projects’ subsequent stages, such as changes to gym opening dates, which would trigger actions from fellow team members.

The results: better communication, accountability and transparency across the company

Bill’s teams can now communicate and collaborate seamlessly with a project management system customised to their needs. With’s dashboards, Bill can easily generate thorough reports showing him the numbers and status of club licences, locations, operations, etc., enabling him to save time and concentrate on growing the business.

The solution organised and standardised the thought processes of all Lift Brands teams involved in project management. Marketing, Property, Construction and Pre-Sales teams now use a common software language, shifting the company culture in terms of how people perceive the importance of completing all tasks within a process. People are more organised and accountable with a tool that clearly shows each responsible person’s progress, making each department’s contribution more tangible.


With, Provident CRM managed to implement a fairly complex structure into a user-friendly interface. It’s now handy for me to manage multiple functions and departments. Our dashboards on monday save me a couple of hours in reporting, as everything that I need is at my fingertips. In the future, we’ll bring more systems into monday. Provident was very good at understanding what we wanted to do. The team took the time to listen to our requirements and what we needed from the system. By asking us why we needed to implement specific functionalities, such as knowing what happened to workflows, we ultimately got the system we wanted with minimum fuss.

Bill Painter, Head of Development EMEA at Lift Brands

Looking to the future

The Provident CRM team will continue working with Lift Brands to add features to their platform. Even with the challenges of managing multiple functions and departments, the UK team now have all the information they need, using as a planning resource for merging construction processes, sales and property pipelines and mapping tools. The bird’s-eye view from their dashboards enables the team to make informed business decisions and streamline processes, through cross-checking information and directing the right staff and activities to the right locations — all through visual, accurate data.

Provident CRM: your implementation partner

Onboarding, implementation, testing and bug-fixing were within schedule, with budget and time remaining for future training for the Lift Brands team. Lee Ingham, Provident CRM’s consultant, understood and took the time to listen and guide Bill and his teams through the entire process, building the system they wanted with minimum friction. With simple, user-friendly language, Lee explained the platforms’ terminologies and technicalities, priming the client to ensure its team members would use in the long term. Provident CRM’s commitment to continuous account management also ensures that Bill and his teams are looked after, cementing a strong customer relationship.

As a Platinum Partner, our ability to help adapt and implement custom solutions was critical in ensuring that all of Lift’s team members’ and departments’ unique project management needs were met.


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