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The Crew and Boat Management Solution:

How it Works and Why You Need It


The 2023 ICRA National Sailing Championships, proudly sponsored by our esteemed partner, are just around the corner. This exciting event marks the highlight of the Summer Sailing season, and’s title sponsorship has bolstered the planning process for the championships.

But what’s the secret to conquering the waves and making each sailing experience unforgettable? The answer lies in seamless organisation and efficient crew and boat management. Here, we introduce you to a game-changer – the Crew and Boat Management Solution by Provident CRM. As a Platinum & Advanced Delivery partner, we’re excited to offer you this exclusive solution that promises to make your sailing adventures more enjoyable and organised than ever before!

Join us as our Senior Product Consultant, Martin MacNamara, explores how the platform can transform how you manage your sailing projects and activities.

Let’s delve into the specifics!


Unlocking smooth sailing with A detailed look


High-level management board

At the core of our comprehensive sailing solution is a high-level board that grants you full visibility of all your project activities. It’s your panoramic view of everything this solution has to offer, providing a clear, comprehensive, and at-a-glance understanding of your endeavours. From event planning to crew management and maintenance, this board is your command centre, allowing you to oversee and orchestrate every facet of your sailing journey with ease and precision.


We understand that attention to detail is paramount in sailing, which is why we’ve designed dashboards that hone in on and cater to your very specific needs.

To illustrate exactly how our Crew and Boat Management Solution operates, let’s take a closer look at its key features.


Crew management

Our solution allows you to maintain an overview of your crew members, their positions, and locations. You can easily access personal information, contact details, and even add new potential crew members through a user-friendly entry form. Some key features include:

Crew database
Get a comprehensive view of your crew members with a database that stores need-to-know information. You can see who they are, where they are located, their positions on the boat, their insurance and contact information, and more.

Crew database entry form
Adding new crew members is simple. You can use an easy-to-share entry form to collect personal details, and these individuals can be seamlessly integrated into your crew database.

Card view/filtering and sorting
Easily filter crew members based on location, availability, or other criteria, ensuring you have the right people for each event, with an easy-to-read card-view setup.


Our map view allows you to see crew members’ geographical locations, making it convenient for organising tasks like collecting equipment or arranging boat deliveries.


Tailor the database to your needs by adding fields like position preferences, availability for specific events, and more.


Event management

To help ensure that you don’t miss a beat in preparing for your events, we’ve also designed an event template that encompasses tasks such as entry requirements, maintenance, crew assignments, accommodation, provisioning, travel arrangements and more.

Our event management feature offers a structured approach:


Task assignments
Within each category, you can assign specific tasks to crew members, specifying responsibilities and deadlines.

Create comprehensive checklists for each event, outlining all the essential steps to be taken.

RSVP process
Coordinating crew availability is crucial for event planning. Our RSVP process streamlines this task, by allowing you to utilise a form in which crew members can indicate their availability for specific events, simplifying crew selection. You can then use this RSVP data to select the most suitable crew members for each event.


Feedback forms
Use sharable feedback forms to evaluate crew performance after each event, helping you fine-tune your team’s skills.



Using templates

You can configure templates for recurring events, streamlining the process by replicating similar tasks for each occurrence.




Seamless sailing with the mobile app

In the world of sailing, staying connected and organised while on the water or in the boatyard is paramount. That’s where the mobile app comes into play. The mobile app complements the desktop version perfectly, offering unparalleled accessibility, offline capabilities, and real-time updates. Let’s explore how the mobile app enhances your sailing experience.

Uninterrupted access, on and off the water

Full Desktop Functionality
The mobile app is not a watered-down version of the desktop platform. It provides access to the full range of features you enjoy on your computer. You’re not limited in any way, so you can confidently manage your crew, boat, and events with the same efficiency, whether you’re at the helm, on deck, or ashore.

Offline Mode
We understand that sailing often takes you to remote areas with limited or no internet connectivity. That’s why our mobile app includes an offline mode. Even when you’re in the middle of the ocean or at a remote boatyard, you can still access your crew and boat management data. Create memos for repairs, note down important details, or update tasks as they happen on the water. The app stores these changes locally on your device until you’re back online.

Automatic Sync
Once your mobile device is reconnected to the internet, the mobile app seamlessly synchronises with the cloud. This means that all your updates, memos, and changes made offline are automatically incorporated into your main database. You won’t miss a beat, and your team can stay up to date with real-time information.


Maintenance and performance tuning are integral parts of sailing, and the mobile app ensures you can manage them efficiently while on the go.

Create Memos for Repairs
When issues arise on the water, you can quickly create memos detailing repairs or tasks that need attention. Whether it’s a malfunctioning part, a ripped sail, or any other maintenance requirement, the app allows you to document it instantly. Include descriptions, photos, and due dates, ensuring you have a comprehensive record of what needs to be addressed.


Performance Tracking in Real Time
For sailors, tracking performance is crucial for continuous improvement, and the mobile app simplifies this process. While on the water, you can use the app to specify how each crew member is performing in their respective positions. Provide real-time feedback on their tasks and contributions. This information can be invaluable for making quick adjustments during a race or training session. Record wind speed and knots as they happen, right from your mobile device. Keep a log of this data for each event, allowing you to analyse performance in various conditions and fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

In summary, the mobile app is your trusted companion for sailing adventures. It offers the full power of the desktop platform with the added benefits of offline functionality, automatic synchronisation, and on-the-go maintenance and performance tracking. Whether you’re out on the water or in the boatyard, you can stay organised, informed, and in control, ensuring your sailing experiences are as smooth as possible.


Set sail with confidence

Want more? For an in-depth, hands-on exploration of our sailing solution, check out the video below, where Martin provides a detailed breakdown of how the system works, offering a closer look at its features and functionalities.

In the world of sailing, success hinges on precision, organisation, and teamwork. The Crew and Boat Management Solution, backed by Provident CRM, offers all this and more. With a feature-rich mobile app that extends the full power of the desktop platform, you’re equipped to handle every aspect of your sailing endeavours. Create memos for repairs as they happen on the water, track crew performance in real time, and record vital data like wind speed and knots. Whether you’re navigating the open sea or fine-tuning your boat in the boatyard, this comprehensive solution ensures you’re always in control.

So, set sail with confidence, make every journey a memorable one, and explore the limitless possibilities of seamless sailing with


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