Provident CRM COVID-19 Business Continuity

Dear Customers and Visitors,

Our staff, customers, suppliers, and their families remain our number one priority during these uncertain times. At Provident CRM, we're continuing to work to ensure that you can rely on our services during this unpredictable COVID-19 / novel coronavirus-impacted period.

The following are relevant information points for business continuity during this period:

  • All Provident CRM staff are prepared and provided with all resources to fully perform their job responsibilities at home for a prolonged period. All staff are equipped with laptops and / or desktop PCs at their home office locations.

  • We are continuing to monitor the ongoing situation, and we have implemented and maintainted a remote work policy in line with Irish Government containment plans through 2021.

  • All Provident CRM telephone and email communications systems are cloud-based and are accessible to employees regardless of their work location.

  • All customer-facing Provident CRM employees are provided with individual accounts with cloud collaboration tools such as Zoom, G Suite, and Slack to be able to fully continue services regardless of employee work location.

  • All Provident CRM operational systems and data are hosted in the cloud and available to Provident CRM staff and customers regardless of employee work location.

  • Provident CRM will work with our customers to avoid non-critical travel and contact while performing project work. Project work will, whenever possible, be performed using mutually agreed network collaboration tools. Should special VPN’s and security be required, we will work together to ensure we conform to your standards.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, projects, or customer service, please contact Provident CRM or raise a support case via your support portal. The support team has been trained to be aware of special customer concerns during this period and will escalate any question to the appropriate responsible person or department.

We are aware that this is still a difficult time for many, and we will continue to go the extra mile to make things easier for our customers.

All of us at Provident CRM wish you good health and thank you for your continued support.

Gary Seery

Chief Operations Officer