Why Sugar?

There are various CRM/Customer Experience platforms to choose from, and it can be challenging to determine which is the right software for your organisation. Provident CRM has partnerships with the market leaders (including SugarCRM), and opinions vary among my colleagues as to which product stands above the others.

So, why have I chosen SugarCRM as my favourite?

Customer Relationship Management is central to my work. As a certified implementation services consultant, pre-sales engineer, and sales executive; but also as a CRM user. I would struggle to stay on top of my own opportunities and activities without CRM.

I've worked with Sugar for nearly eight years, earning several professional accreditations, and implemented SugarCRM platforms for multiple companies, of every scale, across various industries. Suffice to say - I am very familiar with CRM systems in general and SugarCRM in particular.

Sugar's CX platform helps businesses coordinate highly personalised experiences for their users. The software is tailored to accommodate every user type, including executive levels, managing current and potential customers, within their department. Capabilities include sales customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, a customer service platform, reporting, analytics, and forecasting - all of which also accessible through mobile CRM.

While you no doubt have seen the same and similar abilities promoted by other vendors, SugarCRM delights customers by:

  • Having no hidden fees
  • Being Extremely customisable
  • Capable of integrating with almost any system

However, it's how Sugar works under the surface that makes the difference:

  1. No-Touch Information Management

    Automatic data capture and storage of essential customer information acquired from voice recorded telephone calls, emails, SMS messages, form completions and applications. Filtered through and correlated with third-party data and AI-powered predictive insights; all of which dramatically reduces manual data entry.

  2. Intelligent Customer Experience Platform

    Other platforms try to match customer data from multiple databases; attempting to synchronise between systems or consolidate the information into slow and bloated data silos. Built using leading-edge database event store technology, Sugar's unified customer data model avoids the performance and reliability issues that are common with other approaches. The result is an end-to-end view of the customer journey, with improved availability, performance, and reliability.

  3. Continuous Cloud Innovation

    Far too many customers are left utterly dependent on their vendors, with their experience platforms built upon proprietary clouds. The provider's ability to scale, integrate new technologies, and support additional regions limiting customers attempts to expand. SugarCRM employs the most advanced commercial cloud technology available, their solutions built on truly global infrastructure.

These core differentiators make Sugar a favourite among users and critics alike. With various awards from independent reviewers (four times PC Mag Business Choice Award Winner), the highest net promoter score amongst competitors, and widely regarded as one of the most innovative customer experience platforms by respected marketing analysts such as Gartner; SugarCRM has a reputation for meeting and exceeding expectations.

Currently, more than two million users have deployed SugarCRM, across 120 countries. Notable clients include Apple, IBM, Audi, Reebok, and Sennheiser. Whatever requirements you envision for your organisation, I think it's clear that among the solutions you shortlist, you should be seriously considering SugarCRM.