Take your business to the next level with CRM

Businesses are facing an extended period of uncertain domestic growth and unsettled global economic conditions. Wise leaders are investing in two areas; productivity improvements through automation to drive profit, and improvements in customer experience to ensure customers are satisfied and keep coming back.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are exactly the sort of technology investment that improves both these factors; inwards-facing productivity gains, and outwards-facing customer experience improvements.

CRMs systems have always helped business collect, store and organise information about customers, but the latest generation of technology has evolved far beyond that. Modern CRM systems now include advanced workflow and analytics capabilities that help employees and management use information to improve engagement with customers, streamline work processes, and automate away repetitive tasks.

At SugarCRM, we provide the technology that has helped thousands of businesses increase their employee productivity and improve their customer experiences. In this guide, we present 16 common ways our customers are using CRM to grow their businesses.

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