For all those LinkedIn Sales Navigator users, we’d like to announce - SugarCRM has been included in the LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) partner program. In other words, we’d like to introduce the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator all with the flexibility of never having to leave Sugar.

How It Works

The Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available as a dashboard in an account, lead, or contact record view. Simply access an account, lead, or contact and a the dashboard will appear in the Intelligence Panel.

For a contact or lead you’ll see:

Business Card View

  • Basic employee info – work history
  • Save account/view profile directly into LinkedIn Sales Navigator


  • Find commonalities between the rep and lead (any shared connections, working at the same company, etc..)

Get Introduced

  • Leverage existing network (any 1st degree LinkedIn connections) to ask for an introduction via InMai

Related Leads

  • Similar Lead or Lead that matches original Lead Builder criteri

For an account you’ll see:
Business Card View

  • Basic Company info – industry, size, location
  • Save account/view profile directly LinkedIn Sales Navigato

Recommended Leads

  • Prioritize key people to reach out to
  • Save these leads directly in LinkedIn Sales Navigato


  • Reveals 1st and 2nd degree connection


  • Stay up to date on latest Account informatio

How to Get Your Hands on It

  • Please reach out to your sales or partner rep for more information.

Additional Info

  • For more details on the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator please visit here
  • Users must already have LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise License
  • For more information on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, please find it here

Thank You

SugarCRM Product Marketing