Generating SLA Reports using SugarCRM’s Audit Table

We regularly have requests from customers to generate SLA reports in SugarCRM.

To do this we use the powerful KReporter – this allows us to report off the Audit Table (which stores information on field changes).

Below is an example report we have build which shows time since last status change on a call record:

This looks great, but wouldn’t it be even nicer to see this information contextual to an actual record -e.g: as a subpanel.

Below is an example of a Contact record, we have enabled the calls report above and filtered it by parent id (the Contact), so we only see calls related to the contact.

We have also added a nice chart which displays calls by status:

If you require SLA reporting which is flexible and scaleable – contact provident: – we are a SugarCRM Gold Partner, and provide SugarCRM and KReporter Consultancy Services