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Strategic Planning Kit for Businesses [Free eBook Download]


A strategic business plan is vital in helping to create accountability, transparency, and purpose across departments.

As an organisation grows, one of the biggest hurdles is staying organised. Now is a great time to examine your current strategies for where those gaps lie. From customer-facing marketing efforts to alignment between teams, a thoughtful strategy is crucial.

HubSpot and have joined forces to create a holistic business planning kit in this eBook. This kit will help you create a cohesive strategy for seamless team communication. Let’s get to it!

The FREE eBook includes:

  • Best practices for strategic planning across your organisation
  • Successful ways to communicate your mission, values, vision, and goals
  • Step-by-step process on how to allocate your operating budget
  • How to align your departments and promote collaboration
  • And more!

Download the free eBook now!

Katie Marketing Executive, Ireland

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