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CRM and Sales Impact Report: Are Companies on the Cusp of a Customer Relationship Crisis?

Provident CRM and Sales Impact Report

Customer relationship management systems are meant to reinvigorate the entire customer experience. A CRM system gives you the knowledge of what your customers need, by telling you what products or services they’re interested in, have asked for, or have already bought.

It’s a problem, then, when a considerable number of respondents in a survey admitted that their CRM is too complex, unintuitive, not user-friendly, and costing them potential revenue opportunities.

What gives?

In the 2021 CRM and Sales Impact Report, SugarCRM asked 1,000 sales leaders critical questions about their CRM, sales, technology, and ability to uncover crucial customers insights. Their research reveals that many companies are struggling with platforms and data practises riddled with blind spots and roadblocks.

Notably, over half (52%) of sales leaders reported that their CRM platform is costing potential revenue opportunities.

That figure points to something much deeper, and SugarCRM’s report dives in to uncover why exactly companies are having difficulty with their CRMs, and how their deficiencies can be rectified.

Download the complete report here for all the facts and figures, plus a country comparison chart for the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Australia.

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