Eircom eFibre Cabinet Locations and Coverage

As a follow-up to previous post we made on Eircom eFibre coverage, we have done some digging to see is it possible to get more detail on Eircom’s Actual eFibre coverage, rather than the Exchange Boundary maps which are currently on the Eircom website. After some googling, we have found a crowd-sourced google map of enabled cabinets on the Eircom Network.  It appears to have much source data from Eircom Wholesale, so it is surprising Eircom do not just publish this information on their website. Below is a screenshot of the enabled exchanges in the Mullingar area, as you can see they are all close to heavily poplulated areas, and when you zoom out there are not cabinets enabled outside of the town although the Eircom website indicates a large region in the Mullingar hinterland is enabled. The same story applies to much of the country – be it Dublin, Cork, Sigo, in all cases the only enabled cabinets are adjacent to housing estates etc. I have also included a screenshot for Dublin Area – as you can see coverage is still fairly patchy: When Speaking with a representative from Magnet Business who resell Eircom’s eFibre product, they stated that Eircom announce an area as eFibre enabled when 40% of the cabinets are enabled, and they will continue to add cabinets after this time – Lets wait and see how high they go over 40%, only time will tell. UPDATE: We had a query on our Facebook Page regarding eFibre availability in Howth area, here is a map of the enabled cabinets in Howth/Sutton/Baldoyle/Rahney/Kilbarrack area: Note: The rollout date for Howth/Sutton/Baldoyle is listed as July-December 2013 on the eircom website, see rollout dates map for Dublin region below from eircom: