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Connect all aspects of your marketing and creative work in one space. 

Use an all-in-one solution to manage your marketing and creative processes all while ensuring full collaboration along with your team and clients.

What is monday marketer?

Built on top of Work OS, monday marketer connects all aspects of marketing work in one collaborative space to build scalable and impact-driven business growth. Whether it’s providing high-level overviews of marketing strategy, aligning your team through automated campaign planning, or end-to-end streamlining of marketing processes, monday marketer is one tool for all of your creative needs.

The ‘secret’ to a high-functioning and high-performing marketing team is collaboration, communication, and alignment, and monday marketer works to ensure that your entire team – and your clients – are all consistent on overall business processes, messaging and strategy.

Manage your marketing and creative initiatives all in one place, such as:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Event management
  • Content calendar
  • Brand management
  • Product launches
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Creative requests
  • Strategic planning
  • And more!

Where all of your marketing comes together

monday marketer allows you to strategise, execute, and scale all of your marketing and creative projects on one platform – from content management to complex and integrated campaigns. Get your team started quickly with hundreds of customisable templates that you can mould to fit your team’s specific needs. And easily create unique boards to share between marketing, content, design, PR, management, and more, saving you time during every step in the creative process, from conception to approval.

When you manage all aspects of your campaigns from one, centralised place, you can jumpstart your journey to optimising your marketing and creative processes, and focus solely on producing your best work.

Achieve end-to-end alignment throughout your campaigns

With monday marketer, you can bridge silos across your organisation by having one, central space to communicate clearly with your team, vendors, contractors, freelancers, and all types of other stakeholders. Grant access to anyone involved with your campaign the ability to seamlessly update content, manage statuses, and collaborate freely via monday Workdocs and other brainstorm spaces.

Use workflows to create a constant stream of communication, ensuring that relevant information passes effortlessly from campaign managers to copywriters and designers with tools like monday WorkForms and annotations.

Use automations to notify your team of upcoming deadlines, budget changes, and final approvals.


Easily track performance and make more strategic decisions

After your campaigns and creatives are launched, you can input the specific metrics you want to track into a campaign performance board that integrates with your social media accounts, and see real-time data at a micro or macro level.

monday marketer helps you plan high-level marketing initiatives with tools that give you visibility into all of your campaigns and instantly connect budget vs. actual spend, ROI goals, spend per channel, and more.

Use these insights to see the big picture, help improve future planning and execution, and report on your hard work.

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