Tips for CRM buyers

MyC.      What should practitioners be considering before they go out to market for a CRM solution? LA.          In the CRM space, it is a big help to us when a business has figured out what they’re trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, we often still get told “I need some CRM”, which leads us to ask the question “Well, what do you mean by that?” Those letters mean a lot of different things to different people and that makes it hard for us as the vendor to really understand whether we’re a good fit or not. So it’s …

How can Sugar help your business grow

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Sugar is one of the most used CRM applications on the planet. The application has spawned countless books, web sites, blog posts and tweets about interesting things one can do with the platform. We wanted to show you a few key points on how a CRM like Sugar can help you manage and grow your business. Simply fill in the form below to download. Share this Post