Blockmail Technical Whitepaper

As the spam problem keeps growing and the associated threats become ever more dangerous to the stability and performance of a company’s e-mail systems… Download here the whitepaper.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Support Costs

How can your company scale its customer base without scaling your support organization? This white paper details the strategies necessary to implement a responsive, agile support system that builds a loyal customer base in a cost-effective manner. Download below the White Paper.

CRM: On-Demand or On-Site? Choose the right deployment option

The rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is changing the way enterprises pay for and use customer relationship management (CRM) software. Should your company’s CRM system be managed by an outside vendor or managed internally by your own IT staff? Download below the White Paper.

Try It, You’ll Like It

This white paper will provide an overview of the most common employee pitfalls encountered during a CRM implementation and how a well-planned training program can ensure end-user compliance. Download below the White Paper.

Hitting Your Numbers: Creating Excellence with Commercial Open Source CRM

Hitting Your Numbers: Creating Excellence with Commercial Open Source CRM, outlines the key reasons how open source CRM can drive performance in your sales organization. This is the first in a series of Executive Briefs aimed at business departmental leaders’ unique CRM issues. Download below the White Paper.

Comparative Guide to CRM Total Cost of Ownership

If you download this White Paper you will know about a recent study by Nucleus Research indicated that, for every dollar spent on customer relationship management (CRM) by “Nucleus” clients, $5.60 in value was returned. Many CRM vendors’ products were used by these customers, indicating that well-managed CRM efforts deliver significant ROI. However, there was no breakout of which vendors’ implementations delivered the biggest benefits, nor was there any mention of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for any vendor’s product. Logic holds that a CRM application with a lower TCO confers far greater value per dollar than an application with …

Editions Comparison SugarCRM

SugarCRM offer four different editions to deliver the best experience to our customers: – Sugar Professional – Sugar Corporate – Sugar Enterprise – Sugar Ultimate Do you know the difference between each one SugarCRM editions? Not just price. You can check more than 140 functions in SugarCRM doing the PDF Download. This White Paper compare function in this topics below: SALES MARKETING CUSTOMER SUPPORT SOCIAL CRM MOBILE CRM GLOBAL CRM PRODUCTIVITY REPORTING COLLABORATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONFIGURATION USER INTERFACE CONFIGURATION CUSTOMIZATION INTEGRATIONS SECURITY DATA MANAGEMENT AND DATA BACK UP CLOUD COMPUTING Do you choose your SugarCRM edition? START A FREE TRIAL …

CRM and Your Business

When the companies decide to implement a CRM starts a lot of doubts, thinking about it SugarCRM prepared this White Paper with Chris Bucholtz who is Editor Chief of CRM Outsiders to explain the main doubts. Download now the White Paper – CRM and your business You can read the subject below: What CRM Means for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs); The ability to grow without losing intimacy with customers; The ability to scale your workforce more slowly than your customer base; The opportunity to market to customers with the same effectiveness as a large company; The foundation for keeping …