Why Your Business Needs Great CRM

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With more powerful and advanced technology continuously emerging, standing out in the eye of the customer has become a unique challenge these days. Great technology alone doesn’t set you apart anymore; consumers and business buyers alike have gotten more buying power today than ever before. Thanks to digital disruptors, such as Amazon and Netflix, buyers expect you to know them, automatically suggesting the next show to watch or next purchase to consider barely after completing the last. Customers have gotten used to this type of AI-driven technology, and have become used to high-convenience service technology – regardless of whether you’re …

Building Solid Relationships with Customers (Part 1)

By 2020, customer experience will outweigh the importance of price and product. Are you investing enough in building relationship with a customer? This is the first in a new blog series on the role of customer relationships and how Relationship Analytics can improve your key sales and business metrics. There is a common notion that once you have developed a superior product or service with a strong value prop, you don’t need to invest a whole lot in the sales process. It’s the whole “good products sell themselves” fallacy. Top performing B2B sales leaders and reps don’t buy into this …

SugarCRM Mobile for Android Release Notes 4.0.0

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This document describes the changes introduced in SugarCRM Mobile Release 4.0.0. Please see the Mobile Supported Platforms page for information about supported devices and Sugar version compatibility. New features and enhancements to existing features in SugarCRM Mobile 4.0.0 are as follows: The following are fixed issues with SugarCRM Mobile 4.0.0: The following are known issues with SugarCRM Mobile 4.0.0: The following Sugar modules are supported in SugarCRM Mobile: For a complete list of supported platforms for Sugar’s mobile solutions, please refer to the Mobile Supported Platforms page.   SOURCED FROM SUPPORT.SUGARCRM.COM

How to Integrate SugarCRM with Alfresco for Better Document Management

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Every business looking to take its next step heavily hinges upon two things- customer management and document management. Both are massive undertakings and more often than not becomes a smart way to identify pros from amateurs. Luckily we have software tools to handle both managements. We have got SugarCRM, the most popular customer relationship management tool, and we have Alfresco, one of the most popular document management and enterprise content management tool available. They are two different tools with different capabilities but there are ways they get together to give you something never tasted before.

Tips for CRM buyers

MyC.      What should practitioners be considering before they go out to market for a CRM solution? LA.          In the CRM space, it is a big help to us when a business has figured out what they’re trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, we often still get told “I need some CRM”, which leads us to ask the question “Well, what do you mean by that?” Those letters mean a lot of different things to different people and that makes it hard for us as the vendor to really understand whether we’re a good fit or not. So it’s …

What exactly is a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. It helps you improve your profitability. You may be unsure of exactly what this means for you and your business. We’ve written an easy to understand ebook that shows you the key points of a CRM and just some of the things a CRM can do to help your business. Share this Post Share this Post