How to Integrate SugarCRM with Alfresco for Better Document Management

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Every business looking to take its next step heavily hinges upon two things- customer management and document management. Both are massive undertakings and more often than not becomes a smart way to identify pros from amateurs. Luckily we have software tools to handle both managements. We have got SugarCRM, the most popular customer relationship management tool, and we have Alfresco, one of the most popular document management and enterprise content management tool available. They are two different tools with different capabilities but there are ways they get together to give you something never tasted before.

ARCHIVE – SugarCRM REST API v10 – Connecting to 6.7.0 on Demand

The information below may be outdated Contact us if you have any queries With the Release of SugarCRM 6.7.0 a new API has been exposed – REST version 10. This is the first step in the massive leap forward from SugarCRM 6 to 7. The new REST API is super fast, and from a developers perspective, very well documented. SugarCRM have implemented WSDL like online help. Here is a screenshot of a GET REST API call to SugarCRM 6.7.0 using the new v10 interface:           If you are looking for support to develop new integrations with …