Before you contact support please ensure you have completed these steps

As SugarCRM is a web-based application, your browser plays a huge part in the process to access it. Your browser will automatically keep copies of certain files in its cache to make subsequent requests faster. Sometimes a brief drop in internet connectivity may cause an incomplete/corrupt file to be downloaded. In scenarios like this, your browser will cache the corrupt file without realising that it is corrupt. The next time your browser requests a page from the server, it will not download the file as it believes the one it has cached to be valid.

If you experience an issue with SugarCRM (or any web-based application), you should follow the steps as outlined below:

1. Restart your browser completely - not just closing and opening the SugarCRM tab(s) - you should allow 10 seconds to ensure that all background processes have stopped before restarting

2. If issue persists, flush your browser’s cache using the steps outlined here and reload the page - you should flush ALL cached images and files rather than just the recent entries.

3. If issue persists, restart your PC/laptop; If issue persists, contact - Please include, in as much detail as possible:

  • steps to recreate the issue you are experiencing,
  • a list of dates/times that the issue has occurred
  • a list of users experiencing the issue; and
  • screenshots of the error message (Click here to see how to take a screenshot)

If you already have a case / support ticket open in our system, please include our reference in the subject line of emails to to avoid opening duplicates (which is confusing for all parties involved).

Our reference is formatted as follows:

  • Starts with open square bracket: [
  • Then the word Provident with a capital P: Provident
  • Then a space
  • Then a #
  • Then a :
  • Then the case/ticket number – ie. 12345
  • Finish with a close square bracket: ]
  • Altogether, it should look like this: [Provident #:12345] – please ensure to replace “12345” with your case/ticket number and ensure there are no additional characters/spaces