SugarCRM Q3 Release (V 11.1.0)

Provident CRM SugarCRM Q3 Release

Here are the latest feature enhancements you will find in Sell, Serve and Enterprise with the Version 11.1.0 release. I have noted below which edition has which enhancements. The following information has been taken from SugarCRM's release notes, I thought I'd pop it into one single article with screenshots for you.

Sugar Live is now available in Sell. SugarLive is an omnichannel tool that leverages Amazon Connect to let sales agents call and chat in real-time with their leads and contacts. SugarLive saves the call and chat data in Sugar and lets the user continue working with their Sugar data while interacting with the customer or prospect. An Amazon Connect instance is required.

  • SugarLive is available in the footer and pops up automatically when using click-to-call.

  • When you accept or initiate a session, the SugarLive view opens including a panel allowing you to search for, view, and update records relevant to the customer.

  • A call or message record is created for each completed conversation to track the communication.
Provident CRM Sugar CRM SugarLive

Sugar Predict Sentiment Analysis for Serve and Sell

For instances with call transcripts set up for SugarLive conversations, sentiment analysis can now be performed on SugarLive calls. Add the Agent Sentiment and Customer Sentiment fields to the Calls module layouts in Studio to see SugarPredict icons that represent the agent's and customer's positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.

Provident CRM SugarCRM Calls

Timeline Dashlet – SellServe & Enterprise

The Timeline dashlet is available to add to the Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes record view dashboards.

It displays related activities and select field updates (e.g., Assigned To) in the form of record cards, sorted in chronological order based on the date shown on the left-hand side of each card. For email and note records, the Date Modified field value is displayed. For call, meeting, and message records, the Start Date field value is displayed. If no activity records are related to the current record and no tracked field changes have been made, the Timeline dashlet displays "No Activity". Please note, the Timeline dashlet was known as the Interactions dashlet in Sugar versions 11.0 and lower.

Provident CRM SugarCRM Timeline

Record View Dashlet Updates

Sell & Enterprise

-      Convert Leads: Users can now convert a lead from the Leads Record View Dashlet

Sell, Serve & Enterprise:

-      Switch to full record view: Users can now navigate to the full-page record view by clicking the arrow icon that appears when hovering over the records name. 

Provident CRM Sugar CRM Sell, Serve, and Enterprise

-      Edit a records name: Users can now edit the record’s name directly from the Record View Dashlet.

Portal Enhancements - Sell, Serve & Enterprise

-      Separate button and link text colours: Theme Portal has been expanded to let you select a custom colour for link text and buttons throughout the portal separately.

Provident CRM SugarCRM Portal Theme Preview

-      Portal list view filters: Portal users can now create custom filters on their portal list views.

-      Disable portal self-service signup: A setting has been added to let you disable the link on the portal login page that allows a customer to create their own portal account.

-      Disable Notes on the Knowledge Base: You can now configure the portal so that the notes subpanel and the Add Note button are not displayed to portal users.

Serve & Enterprise

-      Read-only case status: when portal users are creating a new case, the status defaults to “New’ and is read-only to prevent the user from choosing a different value.

-      Improved case access control: It is now possible to restrict portal case visibility to only the portal enabled contacts that are related to the case.

-      Show the primary contact on cases: you can now add the Primary Contact field as a read-only and not clickable field to portal layouts for the Cases Module.

Studio & Administration Enhancements for Sell, Serve & Enterprise

Action Buttons - Admins can now add custom buttons to records so that users can perform quick actions like sending an email, creating or editing a related record, or opening an external web page right from a given record view layout. Implemented through a new field type in Studio (ActionButton) and configurable with Sugar Logic, Action Buttons will save users time and clicks by serving up common actions right where they need them.

Provident CRM SugarCRM Account Notifications

More Studio options for relationship-based relate fields: The following settings have been made available for relationship-based relate fields in Studio: Mass Update, Dependent, Required Field, Allow Imports and Duplicate Merge.

SugarBPM Enhancements for Sell, Serve & Enterprise

-      Trigger on relationship changes: Start and Receive Message events can now be influenced by the addition or removal of a related record.

Provident CRM SugarCRM SugarBPM Enhancements

-      Portal Contact fields in SugarBPM: The Portal fields on contact records are now available for use in the Process Definitions and process email templates.

For any further questions on SugarCRM and the latest updates, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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