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Provident CRM Webinar Recording Aligning Your System Using HubSpot's CRM Platform

Webinar Recording

Aligning Your Business Using HubSpot’s CRM Platform

June 23rd, 2021 - 2:00 PM (IST)

Using natively built marketing, sales, operations, and customer service tools within an integrated ecosystem enables your whole team to understand your buyers and engage them effectively at every touchpoint.

The better you are at aligning your teams within a system like this, the more likely you are to effectively engage prospects, delight and retain your customers, and build advocates for your brand. And as your organisation scales in size, maintaining this alignment as processes grow more complex is even more crucial.

Have you thought about leveraging HubSpot’s CRM Platform to better align your business?

In this webinar, HubSpot EMEA Partner Manager Luke Curry and Provident CRM Senior Sales Executive Sara Tatam show you:

  • Team alignment strategies
  • HubSpot’s collaboration and project management tools
  • How to gain better insight into your customer’s behaviour
  • How to optimise the steps in your buyer’s journey
  • A live demo and customer examples
  • And much more!

Request the recording now to see everything that HubSpot has to offer!

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