Provident CRM HubSpot Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording


How to Align Your Strategy and Systems for 2021

March 24th, 2021 - 2:00 PM (IST)

Throughout 2020, businesses around the world faced unforeseen challenges and adjusted to new realities. Taking care of employees, customers, and partners while pivoting to adapt to these changes required sustained efforts that will continue into this year and beyond. 

Your organisation needs to be tightly aligned this year in order to react to any changes that might present themselves, maintain efficiency, and keep your customers happy.

We at Provident CRM and HubSpot are on a mission to dig deep into why it's important for teams to find alignment, which is why we organised this webinar to help your team work better together.

In this webinar, HubSpot EMEA Partner Manager Luke Curry and Provident CRM VP of Sales and Marketing Diogo Rebelo spoke about using HubSpot to enlist your entire team in your company's goals and strategies. 

Luke and Diogo go over exactly how HubSpot can be leveraged to create transparency and accountability across departments, integrate your marketing, sales, and service teams for better communication, and grow and improve your internal processes.

Request the recording and you'll learn/see: 

  • 2021: Alignment over strategy
  • Addressing misalignment and friction
  • Using modern software tools for alignment
  • How to align your business using HubSpot's platform
  • Live demo
  • Customer examples
  • And much more!

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