Do You Really Need Sales Automation?

Do you need sales automation?

Sales automation is the mechanisation of manual, time-consuming sales tasks using software, artificial intelligence, and various digital tools. It aims to manage certain responsibilities that sales executives and managers do regularly.

Sales automation is considered to be an important tool that every sales team needs to take advantage of. So the question is, why do you really need it?

The main benefits of sales automation

One of the key benefits that businesses see when using automation is a boost in efficiency and productivity through time saving.

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These systems improve productivity in two ways. Firstly, the automation of selling support tasks boosts the efficiency of the sales team. Secondly, automating the collection and analysis of information improves the timeliness and quality of a sales executives’ decision making.

Ultimately, when you automate labour-intensive but low value-add activities such as lead scoring, scheduling, reporting, and reminders, your sales teams end up saving a number of hours each week. They can use this extra time to create more meaningful interactions with potential clients.

Lead management is another reason why so many companies are using automation CRM in sales. Take chatbots as an example; they allow companies to re-engage prospective customers who may be stuck in the purchasing funnel, thus creating new opportunities without any extra human effort.

The bot will have the ability to independently select customers, contact them through whatever means chosen, using human-like language, and answer accordingly to drive conversion. This solution can increase a sales executive’s selling time, ultimately boosting deal-flow transparency and conversion.

Automatic technology can also aid in the production of useful data for a business. The CRM can help you audit individual performances, the team’s pipeline, and an individual channel’s success. Plus, when companies leverage AI, their automation tools identify opportunities for faster growth, forecasting and, once again, efficiency improvements.

How will it affect your sales team?

It’s no secret that the world of sales, particularly in the B2B sphere, is becoming more convoluted. Sales Automation technology is here to make sure that things don’t overwhelm sales teams, making daily life more manageable.

With sales automation, everybody wins (yep, everybody). Customers benefit from faster turnaround. Companies will benefit from higher efficiency and productivity levels. And sales teams will experience greater job satisfaction (and great commission too, all going well).

And before anyone gets the wrong idea, automation software doesn't replace sales people (at all). It simply helps in closing more deals, at a faster pace.

It’s a no-brainer, really.

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