How to easily achieve Multi-Language PDF Templates in SugarCRM... without code!

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Today I am going to share with you a simple customisation you can achieve in Sugar Sell, Enterprise or Professional just using Studio. The aim is to have very few Quote Templates that you can easily & quickly switch the language they are in.


  • Generate Quote PDF from Sugar’s Quote Module
  • Multiple quote designs
  • Each quote design/template to be in multiple languages
  • Ability for Users in other Countries to send Quotes in a different language
  • Add additional information to the template at different times of year (eg, Seasonal Offers)
  • Ability for Sugar User/Admin to change the Quote PDF templates themselves…. Easily

You do not have to build a PDF template for every one of these scenarios, for example you may send quotes in 3 Languages, you might have 3 quote designs depending on the product/service you are offering, this would mean you would have 9 Quote Templates to choose from and maintain.


  1. Build a new module for your PDF Language options

  2. Create your fields that you would like to see on the quote, the field name will be in your native CRM user language
  3. LinkedIn Image 1

  4. Complete the fields with the translation you would like, the below example is the English Language
    LinkedIn Image 2
    And the same again below, but for French:
    LinkedIn Image 3

  5. Relate it to the Quote Module
    LinkedIn Image 4

  6. Build your PDF Template

    The PDF Manager in Sugar allows you to pull through fields from related modules. So your PDF will be on the Quotes module, and you will see at the bottom of the available fields, all of the available related fields - which will be from your language module.
    LinkedIn Image 5

    On the right you can see the related modules to the Quote module.
    LinkedIn Image 6

    Here’s some samples of the finished items in French & English.
    LinkedIn Image 7
    LinkedIn Image 8

Of course... your PDF designs will be much better than these! Feel free to contact me for any questions. Special thanks to my colleague Dean Richardson for his help setting this up.

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