Sugar 7.7 Update Released

Here at Provident CRM we are excited and delighted to announce the release of Sugar 7.7. There are some really great new user features on the latest which include:

Tagging - The new tagging system will allow you to not only create custom tags for reporting, but to organise them in any way that you want.
Improved global search interface - Improvements have been made to the Global Search user interface and functionality.
Updated Knowledge Base - The Knowledge Base module now uses the Sidecar user interface.
Lead Conversion Settings - The Lead Conversion Options setting is now available in Admin > System Settings to handle activity records during lead conversion.
Reporting - Reporting can now be grouped by “Week” for Date and Datetime fields for ease of use.
Quotes - The Quotes (Bill To) and Quotes (Ship To) subpanels are now available in the Accounts and Contacts record views in order to display the related quote records accordingly.
Performance, Security and Platform - Continued back end improvements

If you are interested in upgrading your existing Sugar or you wish to implement Sugar in your business please contact us today.