SugarCRM Version 7 to include Backward Compatibility Mode

Hot of the press, SugarCRM has just released the long awaited Sugar7 Documentation.

One of the most frequently asked questions about SugarCRM 7 from our customers has been, how can I utilise my existing customisations, and still run Sugar7.  Well it seems SugarCRM have thought about this, and have created a Backward Compatibility mode.

Below is an extract from some of the documentation on backward compatibility:

Backward Compatibility

As of Sugar 7.x, modules are built using the Sidecar framework as the MVC architecture is being deprecated. Modules that have not yet been moved over to the Sidecar framework are set in backward compatibility mode.

Studio enabled modules currently in backward compatibility are:

  • Calls
  • Campaigns
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Employees
  • Knowledge Base
  • Meetings
  • Quotes
  • Users

URL Differences

There are some important differences between the legacy MVC and Sidecar URLs. When a module is set in backward compatibility, the URL will contain “/#bwc/” in the path and use query string parameters to identify the module and action. An example of the Sidecar BWC URL is shown below.

http://{site url}/#bwc/index.php?module=&action=

You can see that this differs from the standard route of:

http://{site url}/#/

Studio Differences

There are some important differences between the legacy MVC modules and Sidecar modules. When a module is in backward compatibility mode, an asterisk is placed next to the modules name in studio. Modules in backward compatibility will use the legacy MVC metadata layouts, located in ./modules//metadata/, as follows:

  • Layouts
    • EditView
    • DetailView
    • List View
  • Search
    • Basic Search
    • Advanced Search

These layouts differ from Sidecar in many ways. The underlying metadata is very different and you should notice that the MVC layouts have a separation between the EditView and DetailView whereas the Sidercar layouts make use of the Record View. The Sidecar metadata for Sugar is located in ./modules//clients/base/views/.

  • Layouts
    • Record View
    • List View
  • Search
    • Search

The $bwcModules variable determines which modules are in backward compatibility mode. More information on backward compatibility can be found in the Backward Compatibility section.

If you are an existing SugarCRM customer and need help migrating to Sugar7, contact Provident CRM support on

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