What Is SugarCRM?

We hear the term CRM, but have you tried a CRM System? Do you know exactly what CRM is? And as for SugarCRM, do you know much about the worlds fastest growing CRM?

With this in mind Provident CRM have provided this video to introduce Sugar and explain some of the challenges it helps to overcome.

Customer relationships are part of every business, but more the business grows the harder it becomes to manage all those relationships. Each department inside the company generates its reports, saves the data usually in Excel spreadsheets or other systems and the information stays with just one person in Marketing, Sales, Management or Support.

The problem is none of these systems or business units are connected with each other and the customers have frustrating experiences, because it can’t manage and control what happens in all processes and then can’t extract reports or statistical data to analyse.

If you had a similar like this in your company, it needs a system, Provident SugarCRM to put all the information about your customers in one safe place so everyone on your team kept the exact same view of the customers integrating all departments. You can see in every place on your laptop,tablet or smartphone because we have free apps to check what happens on the go.

You have access to all information and integrate with social media, SugarCRM eliminates confusion so your entire team can work together to provides fantastic services to customer.

Sugar is an open platform it can connect with ERP, finance, accounting, marketing, social media,email and all that you need to run your business and then generate revenue.

Provident CRM automates your best process in SugarCRM, train your people and deploy your technology with the best price in the market, you can check a comparative guide here. (link to pdf)

Watch the video: