SugarCRM Patch List 6.5.12

Just before the big launch of SugarCRM 7.0 at SugarCON 2013, SugarCRM diligently released another patch for the super stable 6.5.x stream. Below is a list of Feature Enhancements and Fixes, as well as a few know issues.

SugarCRM have continued with the theme of adding some nice new Features to the Calendar including iCal for Google Calendar and additional info in the Calls & Meetings pop-up reminder .

This Release also includes some important bug fixes for the Reports Module (Particularly for Microsoft SQL Server Summation Reports, as well as a number of other minor fixes in the Reports module).

Feature Enhancements

Enhancements to existing features for Release 6.5.12 are listed below:

  • Email marketing sort order : Email marketing records are now listed in reverse chronological order on the Send Test and Send Emails page
  • Module specific report search criteria : Viewing reports via module tabs’ “View {Module Name} Reports” option correctly updates the report search criteria
  • View tasks in iCal : Option to display tasks in iCal when subscribing to the Sugar calendar
  • Google calendar integration : iCal integration now works on Google calendar to sync and view Sugar’s calendar
  • Call and meeting popup reminder : Additional information has been added to the call and meeting pop-up reminders.

Known Issues

The following are known issues with Sugar 6.5.12:

  • Shipping not updating due to Sugar Logic: Shipping field in the Grand Total and Line Items section of quotes does not update as expected when the Shipping field is calculated via Sugar Logic.
    Bug associated with this issue: 62064
  • Double quotes display incorrectly upon edit: Group Name fields with quotation marks display incorrectly when editing a quote after initial save.
    Bug associated with this issue: 61817

Fixed Issues

The fixes for Release 6.5.12 are detailed below:


Found In Release




Product Category

Last Modified

40429 6.0.2 Lead Conversion Overwrites Assigned User and Team Values For Created Records High Defect Leads 02/28/2013 21:18
48127 6.2.3 Order of Campaign Marketing Email items in Send views Medium enhancement Campaign Mgmt 03/08/2013 00:34
48178 6.2.4 Related module name is not selected in “Module” box automatically Medium enhancement Reports 03/08/2013 17:32
49392 6.2.4 IMAP/POP3 gssapi authenticator error Medium Defect InboundEmail 04/12/2013 15:23
49989 6.3.0 Meeting / Call Dashlet returns rtrim error when paginating High Defect Dashlets 03/06/2013 20:17
50136 Type filter is automatically selected when we go to the next page High Defect Search 03/04/2013 22:59
50896 6.3.0 {::past::Contracts::type::} displays contracts.type which is GUID, should display Medium Defect Email Templates 03/01/2013 02:08
52173 6.4.3 Adding relationships (Accounts, Contacts, custom modules) to dashlet filters do not work High Defect Dashlets 04/02/2013 18:25
52879 6.4.1 Name changes impacting different objects Medium Defect Reports 03/07/2013 08:40
53488 6.4.4 Assigned Team does not work for Calls and Meetings Dashlet Medium Defect Calls 03/12/2013 19:00
54929 6.5.2 Search Filtering is Broken when using Numbers as the Item Names in the Sales Stage Dropdown Menu Medium Defect Opportunities 02/28/2013 20:02
56425 6.5.5 see duplicate modules name in Report’s Related Modules box Medium Defect Reports 03/19/2013 20:14
56480 RTC 21454 – DB errors when reinstall with existing database. Medium Defect Other 03/15/2013 04:37
56729 6.5.5 Database failure on reassignment user records High Defect Database 04/09/2013 08:17
57298 6.5.5 Reports return only Owned Records for Admin High Defect Reports 03/20/2013 17:55
58494 6.5.7 The button “Create Opportunity from Quote” in the Quotes module doesn’t respect Studio field settings Medium Defect Quotes 02/28/2013 19:21
58518 6.5.7 iCal isn’t available through Google Calendar Medium enhancement Calendar 03/05/2013 23:20
58936 6.4.4 Member of field (in More Information tab in parent Account) is incorrectly populated if Member Organization records in the parent Account’s sub-panel are edited Urgent Defect Accounts 03/05/2013 18:24
59163 Plugins_Oct2012 Custom currency field in mail merge export with 6 digits Medium Defect Word Add-in (Mail Merge) 03/08/2013 02:17
59416 6.5.5 More Information in Meetings/Calls Reminder Popup Medium enhancement Activities 03/13/2013 21:03
59525 6.5.8 tinymce stripping css styles in webkit browsers High Defect Email Templates 02/28/2013 20:58
60505 6.5.9 Quotation Marks are Improperly Display on Quotes Detail View and PDFs Medium Defect Quotes 03/06/2013 16:04
60579 6.5.7 Summation Report breaks when sorting on dropdown field column on MSSQL High Defect Reports 02/28/2013 21:08
60887 6.5.9 From name of Campaign Email is unreadable characters Medium Defect Campaign Mgmt 03/01/2013 23:42
60973 6.5.10 Calculated values from related record not carrying over with the first related record chosen Urgent Defect Sugar Logic 03/01/2013 18:49
60983 6.4.0 Adding fields to the history subpanel results in layout errors if the field is not a physical field in the Calls module Medium Defect Other 03/11/2013 16:57
61006 6.5.9 Notification pop up window not appearing correctly in IE Medium Defect User Interface 03/12/2013 21:46
61126 6.5.10 search field didn’t fit in the search panel when the window is around 400x 600 pixel High Defect User Interface 03/02/2013 02:23
61149 6.6.1 Please remove the ability to edit elastic_boost_option dropdown High Defect Search 03/14/2013 17:49
61158 6.5.9 Oauth problem when using a SSL Load Balancer Medium Defect Other 03/05/2013 00:25
61341 6.5.9 User DN ignored when checking if a LDAP is a member of a group Medium Defect LDAP 03/01/2013 02:45
61797 6.6.1 The Total in Line Items and Grand Total does not update when Shipping is set to be calculated High Defect Quotes 03/19/2013 22:13
61862 6.5.11 Dependent fields trigger(?) when creating target lists Urgent Defect Target Lists 03/13/2013 17:29
62005 6.5.10 Quick Search Does Not Locate Matches When Including a Space in Search Term Urgent Defect Quotes 04/10/2013 19:39