SugarCRM 6.5.11 Patch Fix List

SugarCRM have been working away diligently and have released Path 6.5.11

This release included the usual long list of bug-fixes as well as some small enhancements, with particular focus on new features on the Calendar.

Below you can see screenshot of the new Calendar features including the ability to show or hide completed activities and the extra fields on the More Information Pop-up Box:

Below is the full list of feature enhancements, as well as the complete list of bugs fixed (a total of 40):

Feature Enhancements

Enhancements to existing features for Release 6.5.11 are listed below:

  • Calendar’s More Information : Additional fields have been added to the pop-up More Information box within the Calendar module
  • Calendar View Persistence : A user’s calendar will now preserve the last view setting (i.e. Week or Month) for the duration of the session
  • Completed Activities View Option : Users may now choose whether or not to display completed activities on their calendar using an option in the calendar’s Settings panel
  • Dynamic Email From Address : The From email address and name may now be dynamic as specified on a workflow email template
  • Multiple Email Addresses as BCC : All To email addresses may now be easily moved to BCC
  • Lead Conversion Account : Existing account name populates when searching for account during lead conversion
  • vCard Error Detection : Creating records via vCard now includes formatting error detection

Complete list of fixes – SugarCRM 6.5.11 Maintenance Release

Found In Release
Product Category
37435 5.2.0l Searching multi-byte languages in Knowledge Base High Defect Knowledge Base
42158 6.1.0 Bounced Emails Are Not Imported When Monitoring Multiple Folders High Defect InboundEmail
42874 6.1.1 Sorting on Panels in the View Status Screen of a Newsletter Campaign Will Cause it to Display all Marketing Details Urgent Defect Campaign Mgmt
43368 6.1.4 Bad Content-Type on SugarCRM REST API Interface High Defect SOAP
44467 6.1.5 Custom module report does not show correct relate field link High Defect Reports
48697 6.3.0 Users>Reassign Records shows inactive users as a possible selection Medium Defect Users
52584 6.4.3 Time triggered workflow isn’t working when condition checkes a calculated field. Medium Defect Workflow
53231 6.5.0-RC3 Cannot remove Team text fields in Advanced Search in Leads module Medium Defect Search
54990 6.4.3 Database Failure returned upon Report pagination (MSSQL) High Defect Reports
55436 6.5.2 Rename Modules function not updating all fields Medium Defect Opportunities
55979 6.4.5 Sorting columns in a Report that includes a DateTime field Filter breaks the Filter when User’s Date Format does not match Database High Defect Reports
56559 6.5.4 Opening two quick create panels at once causes second to open in a new browser tab High Defect Studio
56642 6.5.5 Quick Create Contact or Lead – Why is email not auto populated Medium Defect Emails
56761 6.5.4 Required Hidden field prevents record from being saved High Defect Sugar Logic
56917 6.5.5 Apostrophe in email address fails High Defect Campaign Mgmt
57168 6.5.5 FTS ( full text search ) removes modules from search improperly when Roles (ACL rules ) involved on “List” Urgent Defect GlobalSearch
57652 6.5.5 Currency not properly calculated on Product Urgent Defect Products
58129 6.5.7 More Details (including Status) Should Appear In Calendar Pop-Ups Medium enhancement Calendar
58365 6.4.0 IBM_RTC_22585: Pre-Prod only: unable to load Edit User Profile–>Download tab, 500 error High Defect Users
58701 Persist Calendar View Setting in User Session Medium enhancement Calendar
58702 User setting to control whether to display completed activities Medium enhancement Calendar
58711 6.5.5 role management Medium Defect Roles
59721 6.5.9 Quote Discount Not Calculated Correctly High Defect Quotes
59795 6.5.7 value for date_start is not cleared on Meetings popup listview High Defect Meetings
59951 6.5.9 Sorting the count of a related field in a Summation report shows Database Failure Error Medium Defect Reports
59993 6.5.9 Workflow Alert Templates with Dynamic From Name and From Email address Medium Defect Workflow
60113 6.4.0-Beta4 Account Name Disappears when you try to search for an account on lead conversion High enhancement Leads
60203 6.5.9 Popup Picker for Users module ignores $popupMeta[‘orderBy’] Medium Defect Users
60309 RTC_25241: Type ahead delay not honored High Defect Other
60310 6.4.0 IBM_RTC_24493: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getPrimaryAddress() on a non-object in Urgent Defect Emails
60339 6.5.0 On sending email to multiple people, we need to default the emails to BCC. RelBlocked enhancement Emails
60359 SugarWidgetSubPanelTopCreateTaskButton can’t be reused Medium Defect Other
60462 6.5.9 get_modified_relationships has Unused and Confusing Parameter Medium Defect SOAP
60534 RTC_24701: Reason Lost field in Edit Oppty form does not populate on Chrome Medium Defect Browser
60613 6.4.6 empty vcf create an empty contact or lead record – should we check such vcf? Medium enhancement Import
60645 6.5.7 Wrong link for Users in Reports listview High Defect Reports
60688 6.6.1 Role that sets email to owner read/owner write still allows non-admin user to email the contact or see email address Urgent Defect Roles
60870 6.5.9 Non-admin Users Cannot Create Records When Subject and Description Contain Database Keywords RelBlocked Defect Security – external
61054 6.6.1 Visible If formula cannot use radio field High Defect Sugar Logic
61252 6.6.1 FTS Doesn’t Index Every Record Medium Defect GlobalSearch