SugarCRM 6.5.8 Patch Fix List

Today (20 Nov 2012) SugarCRM released service Patch 6.5.8

Below is a complete list of the issues resolved in this Maintenance Release:

Found In Release
Product Category
44605 6.2.0 Report counts are ALL incorrect Urgent Closed Fixed Defect Reports
49024 6.3.0 Relationships Created in Earlier Versions Cause Conflicts and AJAX Errors After Upgrade High Closed Fixed Defect Studio
51264 Importing updates to rows prevented by duplicates check High Closed Fixed Defect Import
53016 6.4.2 Duplicating quotes with comments causes first quote comment to be overwritten Medium Closed Fixed Defect Quotes
53516 6.4.4 Workflow on related module stops meetings from saving High Closed Fixed Defect Workflow
53845 6.5.0 [Dashlets] Outcome by Month showing full float numbers in chart High Closed Fixed Defect Dashlets
54584 6.5.1 SugarLogic: Related formula causes issues with email template High Closed Fixed Defect Sugar Logic
55279 6.4.4 Quick Create Lead/Contact broken for Group Email Accounts Medium Closed Fixed Defect Emails
55703 6.5.2 ACLAction::getUserAccessLevel and other methods called statically, shouldn’t be Low Closed Fixed Defect Security
55888 6.4.5 Project Task Won’t Sort Without Dropping The Search Filter High Closed Fixed Defect Projects
55923 6.5.0 Workflow doesn’t trigger when date_field changes High Closed Fixed Defect Workflow
55942 6.5.5 Invalid updates by sugar logic cause wf to trigger the wrong related record Urgent Closed Fixed Defect Sugar Logic
56002 6.5.2 Deleting after time elapse workflow does not delete all entries in the workflow_schedules table Medium Closed Fixed Defect Workflow
56269 6.5.4 User additional details not being properly filled High Closed Fixed Defect Users
56475 6.5.3 Force IE8 to render in IE 8 mode Low Closed Fixed enhancement Themes
56652 6.5.4 SQL error when trying to sort Account Name in sub-panel list. Urgent Closed Fixed Defect MSSQL
56746 6.5.0 Dependent Field that uses a Checkbox does not display on module List View if the checkbox is not on the List View High Closed Fixed Defect Sugar Logic
56803 6.5.4 discount changes in detail and edit view after logic hook added Medium Closed Fixed Defect Quotes
56821 6.5.5 Full text search issue with merged records High Closed Fixed Defect Search
56904 6.5.0 Merging Account records DOES NOT properly remove relationships to previous account records causing duplicates in ListView High Closed Fixed Defect Merge Duplicates
56912 6.5.0 Paper Clip Doesn’t Appear On Messages With Attachments Medium Closed Fixed Defect Emails
56932 6.5.5 Sorting popup column DESC and paging sets sorting to ASC Medium Closed Fixed Defect Accounts
56958 6.2.4 “OK” button should be disabled after clicking High Closed Fixed enhancement Module Loader
57309 6.5.6 Attachments Stripped from @live @hotmail @msn accounts Urgent Closed Fixed Defect InboundEmail
57312 6.5.5 cannot report on currency_id field Medium Closed Fixed Defect Reports
57426 6.5.5 Email address check mis-fire results in duplicate bean relationships between emails and contacts/leads RelBlocked Closed Fixed Defect Emails
57497 6.5.5 Detail view has problem loading if history contains records that belong to teams that the user does not belong to Medium Closed Fixed Defect Meetings
57522 6.5.5 Reminders are sent using the user’s FROM email address, regardless of Email Settings Medium Closed Fixed Defect Meetings
57563 6.5.8 System Log Fatal Error after fresh install of SugarEnt on stack 76 MSSQL High Closed Fixed Defect Install
57706 6.5.6 Export customizations no longer picks up extension files RelBlocked Closed Fixed Defect Studio
57919 6.5.7 customCode buttons with Forms do not display properly on detailviews Urgent Closed Fixed Defect Quotes
58605 6.5.7 Accounts Contacts related beans are not properly deleted when Merging Accounts Medium Closed Fixed Defect Merge Duplicates

The release notes for this patch are available here:

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