Export Story for Ireland, Provident

Sunday Business Post, Oct 28th, 2012.

Sweet business for Ireland

SugarCRM has its headquarters in San Francisco but depends on a thriving partner network to do its business across the world. In Ireland, Provident Technology is the sole distributor.

From Left: Larry Augustin, CEO SugarCRM, Centre – John Malone, MD Provident, and Clint Oram Co-Founder & CTO SugarCRM

Set up in 2000, it has secured a strong footprint across Britain and Ireland with offices in Dublin, Mullingar and Manchester. Five years ago, the company didn’t have any public sector business; now it accounts for 25 per cent of its total business.

Provident has also become a good export story because of the firm’s success across the sea.

“We employ 13 people in Ireland, but more than 50 per cent of revenue comes from Britain,” said John Malone, managing director of Provident Technology.

From working at the coal-face, Malone offers a key reason why Sugar is so popular with the public sector.

“Its ability to integrate with other systems gives the public sector a flexibility that they like,” he said. “The total cost of ownership is very favourable compared to someone like Microsoft where you also have to pay for SQL Server and its web services. Sugar will run on Linux, for example, so it’s a lot less proprietary and expensive.”